The history of this Group starts at the beginning of the 20th century, when Genoa experienced a great shipping development with American and British oil and coal companies, as well as merchant banks and insurance companies, opening offices in our town.
The Company was originally established in 1900 by Edmund Burke, great-grand-father of Enrico Burke, and continued its activity with the interruption of the second world war, under various styles, the best known being “John Burke Shipbroker”, until 1961, when Enrico Burke and Giovanni Novi established “Burke & Novi”.

At the beginning Enrico Burke was mainly in charge of drycargo chartering and sale and purchase, whilst Giovanni Novi concentrated on the tanker market.

In 1970 Franco Novi, Giovanni's brother, joined the partnership. He took up the drycargo branch with Enrico Burke, and the two continued developing the department including sale and purchase of any type of vessels and in particular specializing in newbuilding contracts and new projects. In those years the Israelis launched six days of pre-emptive attacks on Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The Suez Canal was closed and east-west trades had to deviate around the Cape of Goop Hope. The tankers department became frantically busy and Enrico Burke moved from drycargo to tanker giving Giovanni a great support in this field.

From 1971 to 1974 Burke & Novi became Shipowner, buying in partnership with others four 33.000 Dwt Tankers.

In 1975 the Company started a new activity of barter in support of the most important Engineering Groups with their activity abroad to place crude oil and other raw materials received in payment. In the same years Burke & Novi established a broking company abroad. In 1984 Franco Novi became Consul General A.H. of the Kingdom of Thailand for all the Liguria Region.

In 1985 Burke & Novi added to its group a new Company called Burke & Novi Trading active in the International trade of non-ferrous metals and raw materials.

In 1986 Franco Novi has been nominated President of Fonasba, the International Fereration of Shipbrokers and Shipagents Association with head office in London for the years 1986-87. In 1992 Franco Novi has been elected President of Federagenti, the Italian Federation of Shipbrokers and Shipagents for the years 1992/1996.

For several years, Enrico's Burke activity is mainly concentrated in developing special projects as well as following the fleets of some close clients.

The backbone of the Company is represented by tanker and drycargo chartering, as well sale and purchase of any type of vessel including newbuilding contracting. Other important activities of the Company are: ship repairs, bunker and luboils supply, shipagency and special projects. Since long time Burke & Novi has been pubblishing a weekly summary of the most important facts and events in the market (“Notizie Flash della Settimana”), generally much appreciated not only in the shipping but also in the banking and industrial circles.

All the above is achieved through the assistance of first class and highly specialised brokers and traders and of skilled multi-lingual post-fixture personnel. The Company's executives are also involved as organisers and teaching staff of the main qualifying and updating courses for shipbrokers.

In 1989 Alessandra Burke, Enrico's daughter, joined the Company, as first member of the new generation. She concentrated in the sale and purchase and she was nominated Member of the Board and Partner, but unfortunately at the end of 2009 family reasons compelled her to leave the company and, consequently, she had to resign from the Board of Directors. We hope that in future she may be able to come back.

In 1992 Andrea Novi and later in 1999 Alessandro Novi, both Giovanni's sons, joinded the Company and they were afterwards nominated Members of the Board and Partners; they have been significantly contributing to the success of the tanker chartering department.

In February 2004 Giovanni Novi was appointed Chairman of Genoa Port Authority and consequently he had to resign from the Board and also as a Partner. After having fullfilled his task of four years Precidency of Genoa Port Authority, the Company nominated him President of Honour.

In September 2008 Umberto Novi, Franco's son, joined the Company working at the drycargo chartering.

In December 2010 Enrico Burke resigned from the Board and the Company nominated him President of Honour.