Thanks to the huge experience done in different shipping markets, Burke & Novi provides a dedicated service to our Owners in Sale & Purchase of any type of vessel. Among these years we have established very close relationship with all major Shipyards around the world, having mainly contracted Bulk Carriers, Tanker Vessels and Multi Purpose ships in several countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Turkey and many other.

We are actively involved in second-hand transactions, having the great advantage of an information network build up by a close cooperation of our dry cargo and tanker departments, which most of the times has leaded to successful sales, project transactions and long term period time charter with purchase option / obligation.

The service we provide to our clients includes also demolition of any type of vessel, by having close relationship with majors players and great knowledge of prices for each different market such as India, Bangladesh, Far East and Turkey.
Last but not least we represent, as agents, several shipyards for ship repairs and we do provide competitive repairs quotations of first class Shipyards according to Owners' needs and Vessels' position around the world.

In addition to above Burke & Novi prides itself for the so called “Notizie Flash della Settimana”, a weekly summary of most important facts and events, which has been publishing since long time and generally much appreciated not only in shipping, but also in the banking and industrial circles.